Archive Notes :: For the archivist within

[ ABOUT ] is a series of on-going projects looking at the concept of digital archives, authenticity and memory.

Excerpts from An Archive examines ideas of genealogy, memory and the stability of an archive.

S H I F T explores material found on the web about slavery (specifically North- American and West Indian) and re-configures this into a series of fragmented narratives.

Amusia asked participants to tell me their favourite piece of music, from childhood, and from the present. As well, they (participants) provided memories/associations with the selected music. If available, images were also donated. The project then looks at what mp3s were available on the web of these songs and re-presents the material as a discography, or playlist.

Bird is an homage to Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker. It is an experimental on-going project.